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Traffic Optimization System (SOT)

Traffic Optimization System (SOT)

Tasks of the SOT integration Platform

A single resource for organizing and managing the functioning of the city's intelligent transport system

Long-term improvement in road performance: safety, increased traffic capacity and speed, etc.


How will SOT help the city

improving the safety of citizens
uninterrupted traffic flow in busy conditions
transparency of traffic management
reducing the time of transport accessibility


SOT structure

SOT dynamic model

  •     creating and editing a transport graph on a terrain map
  •     collection of traffic demand data
  •     automatic calculation of coordinated movement
  •     traffic management based on traffic intensity calculations

Visualization system

Provides traffic data in selected areas in the form of reports, graphs and images.

Information collection system

Storage of data on the operation of devices that regulate traffic, motion sensors and surveillance cameras.

Health monitoring system

  •     reports hardware faults
  •     aggregates requests to fix breakdowns of equipment that regulate traffic within the city
  •     reduces the time for equipment repair
  •     eradicates traffic problems due to equipment failure


Transport graph. Wireframe layer
Transport graph. Communication layer
Transport graph. Band group layer
Linking the sensor to the lane