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Conducting a survey of traffic conditions in accordance with 443-FZ:

  • Survey of traffic intensity;
  • Assessment of the capacity and level of loading of highways and intersections;
  • The study of the speed of communication on the transport network.

Projects of traffic management and reconstruction / construction of traffic light facilities:

  • Strict adherence to standards, norms and requirements;
  • Development of design solutions, taking into account the statistics of road accidents and the level of loading of roads;
  • The use of modern approaches and technologies in the organization of road traffic;
  • Specialists with design experience of over 15 years;
  • We provide a 12-month warranty, as well as free correction of work performed.

Development and implementation of intelligent traffic control systems:

  • Study the possibility of upgrading existing traffic control systems and peripheral equipment;
  • Justification of applied methods of traffic control depending on the configuration of the transport network and the level of loading;
  • Designing the arrangement of equipment and controls;
  • Development of an integration platform for traffic management based on our own Digital Twin Transportation System solution;
  • Integration of peripheral equipment into the motion control system;
  • Commissioning and test operation of the system.