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Transport for everyone

Transport for everyone

Current issues

Transport communications of cities are significantly outdated. Hundreds of residents make inefficient trips every day moving with a large number of transfers spending extra time and making extra expenses. Residents belonging to different social groups suffer from inefficient communications:
- employees of enterprises
- students
- parents with children
- shoppers shopping malls and city events.

Each of these groups is compact and organized, working together can use accessible and effective communication.

Solving the problem

We have created a digital platform that allows strangers to join together to make direct non-stop trips in the right direction every time at the current time.
The system selects the transport of the required size bus minibus passenger car for the actual developing passenger traffic.
Transport companies and individuals who have an up-to-date transport fleet suitable for public transport can perform trips.


On September 2, 2019, the pilot version was launched.



Transport for everyone
Transport for everyone